Splittable Order Items overview

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As a final step of checkout, for each item in the cart, sales order items are created. By default, each product concrete is splittable. For example, if the product concrete is a pallet containing 1000 cans, 1000 sales order items will be created in the database upon checkout. To avoid the creation of numerous individual sales order items for such products, you can make them non-splittable; that is, instead of many sales orders, just one will be created. This can be achieved by specifying either true or false value for is_quantity_splittable field in the product table. The is_quantity_splittable attribute (true by default) controls how many sales order items are created as a result of checkout.

Depending on the is_quantity_splittable value, a different number of splittable order items (SOI) is created. But the following is always true:

cart item quantity = sum(SOI[i].quantity)

The following table shows quantities that are created in the system if a concrete product containing five products has the is_quantity_splittable attribute set to true and false:

example concrete 1 true 5 5 _1
example concrete 2 false 5 1 5

Product concrete with is_quantity_splittable = true has a separate line for each order item in the webshop: Order details

Product concrete with is_quantity_splittable = false is counted as one sales item in the web shop: is_quantity_splittable = false

You can import splittable information for product concretes in the product_concrete.csv file by setting the value of the is_splittable field to either 1 or 0.

To import concrete products, run the following command:

console data:import product-concrete

For non-splittable order items, a Back Office user sees just one product per non-splittable item in the Back Office. For example, if a customer makes an order containing a non-splittable product in the quantity of 2, just 1 sales item with quantity = 2 (1 line) is created in the database. A Back Office user also sees just one sales order item (1 line) in the Number of Items column of the Order Overview page, and the actual quantity of items in the order is shown in the Quantity field of the Order Details page.

Both non-splittable and splittable order items can be refunded in the Back Office. However, unlike splittable orders, you can’t refund orders with unsplittable items partially - only the whole order can be refunded, irrespective of its quantity. There are 2 prices in the ItemTransfer which are in balance: RefundableAmount and CanceledAmount. The refundable amount is calculated by the formula:

refundable amount: sumPriceToPayAggregation - canceledAmount