Users Management

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The User Management capability lets you create and manage Back Office users and their permissions.

The default Back Office user has permissions to create user accounts and manage their permissions. For instructions, see Create users.

User permissions

Permissions are managed with the help of user roles and user groups.

Each Back Office user has a role that defines their permissions to perform actions. For example, a content manager does not manage product catalog, but you may want them to be able to view products. So, in Catalog > Products section, you give them access to the view action, but not to the edit or add actions.

To make the process of managing permissions easier, instead of assigning roles to each user, you assign roles to user groups. Then, when you add a user to a group, they get the permissions of the role assigned to the group. This also lets you change permissions of multiple users at a time.

For instructions on creating user roles and groups, see the following documents:

Agent assist

An agent assist is a Back Office user that has permissions to act on customers’ behalf. Using their account, they can log into a customer’s account on the Storefront and help them with requested actions.

For more details about the agent assist feature, see the Agent assist feature overview


To install the User Management capability, do the following:

  1. Install the required modules using Composer:
composer require spryker-feature/agent-assist:"202404.0" spryker-feature/acl:"202404.0" --update-with-dependencies
  1. Follow the integration guides for the individual features:
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