Create CMS pages

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A CMS page is an independent page of your shop, such as Terms and Conditions, About Us, or Contact Us.

To create a CMS page, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Content > Pages.
  2. On the Overview of CMS Pages, click Create page.
  3. On the Create CMS Page page, click the General tab.
  4. Optional: To show the page in one or more stores, select the stores for STORE RELATION.
  5. Optional: To make the page searchable on the web, select IS SEARCHABLE.
  6. Select a TEMPLATE.
  7. Optional: Select or enter VALID FROM and VALID TO dates.
  8. Enter NAME and URL for each locale.
  9. Click the SEO tab.
  10. Optional: enter the following meta information:
  1. To keep the changes, click Save. This opens the Edit Placeholders: {PAGE_NAME} page.
  2. Add the needed content to the page.
  3. To keep the changes, click Save. This refreshes the page with a success message displayed. The draft content is saved and you can return to this page later to edit the content or publish it on the Storefront.
  4. Optional: To show the page on the Storefront, click Publish. This opens the View CMS Page: {PAGE_NAME} page with a success message displayed.

Tips and tricks

  • If IS SEARCHABLE is selected, and no STORE RELATION is selected, the CMS page will not be displayed and will not be searchable.
  • If IS SEARCHABLE is not selected, and one or more stores are selected for STORE RELATION, the CMS page will be shown but will not be searchable.

Reference information: Create CMS pages

STORE RELATION The stores in which the page is displayed.
IS SEARCHABLE Defines if the page can be found on the web.
TEMPLATE Defines the page layout. Templates are project-specific and created by developers. For instructions on creating CMS templates, see Create CMS templates.
VALID FROM and VALID TO Dates during which the page is displayed on the Storefront.
NAME Name of the page.
URL Address of the page on the web.
META TITLE Meta title.
META KEYWORDS Meta keywords.
META DESCRIPTION Meta description.

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