Split delivery migration concept

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General information

Split Delivery splits order items into different shipments according to a delivery address, a shipment method, and a delivery date. The feature also provides an ability to edit a shipment or create a new one for the existing order in the Back Office.

Migration process

You can upgrade all affected modules by the feature in bulk.

To update all the modules affected by feature in bulk, do the following:

  1. Run the following composer command, but make sure to remove the modules that are irrelevant for your project from the command:
composer update "spryker/*" "spryker-shop/*"
composer require spryker/sales: "^11.0.0" spryker/shipment: "^7.0.0" spryker-shop/checkout-page: "^3.0.0" spryker-shop/customer-page: "^2.0.0" spryker/checkout-rest-api: "^2.0.0" spryker/manual-order-entry-gui:"^0.8.0" spryker/shipment-cart-connector:"^2.0.0" spryker/shipment-checkout-connector:"^2.0.0" spryker/shipment-discount-connector:"^4.0.0" spryker/orders-rest-api: "^4.0.0" --update-with-dependencies
  1. Clean up the database entity schema for each store in the system:
APPLICATION_STORE=DE console propel:schema:copy
APPLICATION_STORE=US console propel:schema:copy
  1. Run the database migration:
console propel:install
console transfer:generate
  1. Follow individual migration guides of the modules listed below:

The following table lists the modules affected by the Split Delivery update:

spryker/sales 11.0.0 Migration Guide - Sales
spryker/shipment 7.0.0 Migration Guide - Shipment
spryker-shop/checkout-page 3.0.0 Upgrade the CheckoutPage module
spryker-shop/customer-page 2.0.0 Migration Guide - CustomerPage
spryker/checkout-rest-api 2.0.0 Upgrade the CheckoutRestApi module
spryker/manual-order-entry-gui 0.8.0 Migration Guide - ManualOrderEntryGui
spryker/shipment-cart-connector 2.0.0 Migration Guide - ShipmentCartConnector
spryker/shipment-checkout-connector 2.0.0 Migration Guide - ShipmentCheckoutConnector
spryker/shipment-discount-connector 4.0.0 Migration Guide - ShipmentDiscountConnector
spryker/orders-rest-api 4.0.0 Migration Guide - OrdersRestApi