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As one of the leading chat service providers in Europe, optimise-it focuses primarily on a custom tailored chat solution, which can include integrations of messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple Business Chat), chatbots, video-chat, co-browsing, screen sharing, and more. With their inhouse chat lab, they provide experienced and performance driven chat agents for their full service customers. optimise-it’s customers include leading companies like BASF, Migros, Eurowings, Deutsche Bahn and 1&1.


  • Innovative and technically flexible chat solution, custom tailored to the needs and use cases of the customer
  • Integration of messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple Business Chat), chatbots etc.
  • Popular and modern expansions like video chat, conversational ad, co-browsing, screen sharing and more
  • optimise-it Chat Lab: Experienced and performance driven chat experts for full service projects
  • 100% Privacy and GDPR compliant. All dedicated servers are hosted exceptionally in german data centres

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