Product Information Management data import

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To learn how data import works and about different ways of importing data, see Data import. This section describes the data import files that are used to import data related to the Product Information Management PBC:

Within the Categories section, you will find all information about the data imports required to set up categories that can be used in your online store as well as whether they are active, searchable in the menu, etc.

The Products section will help you import all data defining the products’ properties such as the abstract products, the concrete products, product images, and any type of related attributes which describe the products’ properties (e.g., their specifications, colors, sizes, etc.).

In the Pricing section, you will be able to import the data necessary to set up prices for all the products you would like to sell in your online store, including advanced pricing such as scheduled prices (e.g., for special sales campaigns like Black Friday).

In the Stocks section, we describe the data import containing the number of product units stored in your warehouses as well as any type of products and services which are never out of stock (e.g., software downloads).

Import order

By default, most of the product data is stored in a separate subfolder in data/import/icecat_biz_data. The order in which the files are imported is very strict:

  1. Any product-related entities such as categories, attributes, and tax sets must be imported before the actual products.
  2. product_abstract.csv and for multi-store setups product_abstract_store.csv.
  3. product_concrete.csv.
  4. Other product data such as images, product sets, etc. in any order.