Enable Click & Collect

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To enable the default implementation of Click & Collect, follow the steps.


Install the following features:

1. Add service points and their addresses

To add service points and addresses using Glue API, see Add service point addresses.

To import service points, see Import file details: service_point.csv.

To import service point addresses, see Import file details: service_point_address.csv.

2. Add service types

For Click & Collect, you most probably need the pickup service type.

To add service types using Glue API, see Add service types.

To import service types, see Import file details: service_type.csv.

3. Add services

You need to add services per service point based on the service types you’ve added.

To add services using Glue API, see Add services.

To import service types, see Import file details: service.csv.

4. Assign service types to shipment types

To import service to shipment type assignments, see Import file details: shipment_type_service_type.csv.

5. Assign product offers to shipment types

To import offers to shipment type assignments, see Import file details: product_offer_shipment_type.csv.

6. Assign product offers to services

To import offers to services assignments, see Import file details: product_offer_service.csv.

Since the product catalog and the product details page (PDP) do not support Click & Collect, we recommend customizing the PDP as follows:

  1. To display a specific offer in the first position of the offers section, implement the Default Product Offer Reference Strategy. For more details, see Install the Marketplace Product Offer feature.

  2. To show only one product offer in the offers section, override the Merchant Product Offer Widget behavior with a filter. This filter should display one product offer with an empty service and shipment type set to empty or Delivery. When adding products to cart, the delivery shipment type applies by default, and the customer can change it to pickup during checkout if needed. For more details on the product offers widget, see Render merchant product offers on the Storefront.

  3. To show information about product availability in the service point locations, add the Service Point Widget to the PDP. For instructions, see Install the Service Points feature.

As a result, customers have the following user journey with Click & Collect:

  1. Go to the PDP.
  2. Discover possible shipment options: delivery and pickup.
  3. Add the product to cart.
  4. Go to checkout and select the pickup shipment type.
  5. Discover product availability in the retail locations and select one.
  6. Place the order.