Configure Vertex

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Once you have installed the Vertex app, you can configure it.


Before configuring Vertex, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • You have an account with Vertex. Contact the Spryker Support team or your Customer Success Manager if you need support getting a Vertex account.
  • Company Code is set up in Vertex and added to your project. See the information about Company code for more details.
  • You removed the default tax rate value from the Back Office. When you use Vertex to determine taxes, the tax rate received from Vertex does not overwrite the existing tax rate values in the Back Office. Therefore, before using Vertex, we recommend removing the default values from the Back Office. To remove the default tax rates, in your store’s Back Office, go to Administration -> Tax rates and delete the tax rates.

Configure Vertex

To configure Vertex, do the following:

  1. In your store’s Back Office, go to Apps.
  2. On the App Composition Platform Catalog page, click Vertex. This takes you to the Vertex app details page.
  3. In the top right corner of the Vertex app details page, click Connect app. The notification saying that the application connection is pending is displayed.
  4. In the top right corner of the Vertex app details page, click Configure.
  5. To activate the app, select Active.
  6. In Security URI, enter the Security URI of your Vertex platform. For details on the Security URI, see Vertex documentation.
  7. In Transaction calls URI, enter the Transaction Calls URI of your Vertex platform. For details on the Transaction Calls URI, see Vertex documentation.
  8. In Client ID/Client secret, enter your Vertex client secret. See Vertex documentation for details about how to obtain it.
  9. Optional: To enable invoice saving in Vertex, check Enable invoice save in Vertex.
  10. Click Save.


Company code

Vertex expects to receive the Company Code you have set in Vertex from Spryker and use it to determine taxes. Although the Company Code field is not currently included in the Vertex app configuration page, we recommend that you provide this code as Quote/Order TaxMetadata in your projects.

Configuration verification

Test the configuration

To ensure accuracy and compliance with tax laws, we highly recommend thoroughly testing the Vertex integration.

Once you have configured Vertex, the taxes are calculated in real time in the checkout. The respective note appears on the checkout page.


On the Storefront, the tax amount is displayed on the checkout summary page.

In the Back Office, the taxes are displayed on the order details page.

If you enabled invoice saving in Vertex in your configuration, you can view the taxes processed by Vertex for the Spryker order on the Vertex platform. Do the following:

  1. Go to Reporting -> Standard Reports.
  2. Click Report Output.
  3. Find the necessary report and click Action -> View report. vertex-report-output
  4. On the invoice page, you verify the invoice number that corresponds to the Spryker order number and the applicable country tax calculated by Vertex. invoice-in-vertex