Set up Oryx

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This document describes how to set up an environment for developing in the Oryx framework. We provide a boilerplate project that helps you quickstart the development. It contains minimum dependencies and configuration to install a standard Oryx application.


  • Node.js or a compatible Javascript runtime
  • npm package manager

Install Oryx with the boilerplate project

  1. Clone the boilerplate project and install dependencies.
git clone && \
cd composable-frontend && \
npm i
  1. Optional: To install Fulfillment App instead of Composable Storefront, checkout the fulfillment branch from the boilerplate:
git checkout fulfillment
Fulfillment App

Fulfillment App is a PWA that comes with an additional build process for the service worker to support offline mode and background sync.

  1. Run the application:
npm run dev

The application gets available at localhost:3000.

For more information about the boilerplate project, see the boilerplate guide.

Builders and bundlers for Oryx

The recommended build tool for Oryx is Vite. However, Oryx is compatible with a wide variety of build tools, like rollup, parcel or webpack. Since Oryx uses exports in every package to split logical parts to sub-packages, the build tool you choose must support exporting entry points in package.json.


Oryx packages are distributed on