Migrate from Twig v1 to Twig v3

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Currently, Spryker supports only Twig v1 as a template engine. However, Twig v1 is quite an outdated solution, so we have added a possibility to update the Spryker-based projects to the latest version of Twig (v3).

Twig v3 has a few BC incompatibilities that should be fixed to be compatible with both versions.

To migrate to Twig v3, follow the steps:

  1. Update modules that have twig/twig as a dependency spryker/twig, spryker/twig-extension.
composer require spryker/twig:"^3.13.0" spryker/twig-extension:"^1.1.0"

If you use spryker/silexphp or spryker-sdk/spryk, you need to update them too:

composer update spryker/silexphp spryker-sdk/spryk
  1. Install the required version of Twig. For example, 3.0.0:
composer require twig/twig:"^3.0.0"
  1. Update Spryker core modules that you have in your project. You can find the list of the modules and minimum required versions in the Spryker Release Management application.
  2. Check if you use \Spryker\Shared\Twig\TwigFunction or \Spryker\Shared\Twig\TwigFilter as a base class for your custom functions or filters. Those classes are final in Twig v3, so you need to use native \Twig\TwigFunction and \Twig\TwigFilter instead. You can move the class inside your Twig plugins or add some function provider class that you can use with TwigFunction:
class SomeFactory
     * @return \Spryker\Shared\Twig\TwigFunctionProvider
    public function createFunctionProvider(): TwigFunctionProvider
        return new FunctionProvider($this->getConfig());

     * @return \Twig\TwigFunction
    public function createFunction(): TwigFunction
        $functionProvider = $this->createFunctionProvider();

        return new TwigFunction(
  1. Check how you add Twig functions to the Twig environment and adjust, if needed:
/** @var \Twig\Environment */
/** @var \Twig\Function */

$twig->addFunction($function->getName(), $function);

  1. Check if you use filter or spaceless tags in your *.twig files. Those tags were removed in Twig v3, but can use them in all versions with tag apply. For example, {% apply trans|raw %} instead of {% filter trans|raw %} or {% apply spaceless %} instead of {% spaceless %}. The code with apply works in all versions.
  2. Check if you use if tag with for tag. This will not work with Twig v3, so you need to put this if tag inside the loop body.
{% for item in order.items %}
    {% if item.salesOrderConfiguredBundle %}
        {% set bundleId = item.salesOrderConfiguredBundle.idSalesOrderConfiguredBundle %}
        {% set configuredBundleItemLength = configuredBundleItemLength | merge({('_' ~ bundleId):
            configuredBundleItemLength['_' ~ bundleId] is defined ?
            (configuredBundleItemLength['_' ~ bundleId] + 1) : 1
        }) %}
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
  1. Check if you use sameas in conditions. It was removed in Twig v3 in favor of same as alias that we have also in v1.
  2. Import macros in the file that you are going to use:
{% import _self as macro %}
  1. Check if you don’t use object as an argument with replace tag:
{{ replace('Bob', 'Alice') }}

{{ replace({'Bob': 'Alice'}) }}