Marketplace Application composition

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The following diagram illustrates the composition of the Marketplace application:

Applications composition

Storefront API

Storefront API is a REST API-based Storefront application for customers. This is where customers browse the catalog and place orders.


Yves is a customer-facing HTML-based Storefront application where customers browse the catalog and place orders.

Backend gateway

Backend Gateway is a Storefront-oriented application. This is where a storefront (Yves/Glue) changes the state of the system: stock reservations, order placement, and payments.

Merchant Portal

Merchant Portal is a merchant-focused application. Merchants use the Merchant Portal to manage their catalog and fulfill customer orders. For more details, see Marketplace Merchant Portal architecture overview.

Marketplace Operator Back Office

Back Office for the marketplace operator is a marketplace owner-centric or admin-centric application. Marketplace Operator here takes care of the marketplace, including listing global products, managing merchants, and managing categories.

The Back Office also supports the Operator-As-A-Merchant case by letting the marketplace operator manage offers and orders. Check out Marketplace in the Back Office for more details.