Module configuration convention

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Environment configuration (constants) Used in config_*.php Different per environment DE, AT, US have different environment configurations
Module configuration (constants) Different per code deploy DE, AT shares code, they have the same module configuration.
Module constants Always the same DE, AT, US has the same module constants.


Environment configuration

Environment configuration is changeable per environment, but the constant and its value is not changeable.

  • It’s an interface, so the usage always points to the current repository => binds constant name => binds value.
  • Environment configuration is always in Shared layer, so it’s accessible in any layer.
  • The constant contains the same UPPERCASE value as the key is + properly prefixed with MODULE_NAME:.
interface ModuleNameConstants

Module configuration

Module configuration is extendable on project level. For the module configuration, the following applies:

  • It’s always a class, so it supports extension for methods.
  • Required values are defined in protected constants so it can be extended, but outside access is disabled.
  • Getter methods are introduced for constant access, so extended values are used on demand.
  • static:: used everywhere to support extension.

Module configuration is split into two categories:

  • module layer configuration - can be used only in the related application layer. It can be found in:

    • /Zed/ModuleName/ModuleNameConfig.php
    • /Yves/ModuleName/ModuleNameConfig.php
    • /Client/ModuleName/ModuleNameConfig.php
    • /Service/ModuleName/ModuleNameConfig.php
  • module shared configuration - can be used across all application layers. It can be found in /Shared/ModuleName/ModuleNameConfig.php.

class ModuleNameConfig extends AbstractBundleConfig
  protected const EXAMPLE_MODULE_KEY = 'my example configurable value';

  public function getExampleModuleKey()
     return static::EXAMPLE_MODULE_KEY;

  public function getExampleKey()
     return $this->get(ModuleNameConstants::EXAMPLE_KEY);

Module constants

Module constants are not meant to be extended or changed, neither their value or name. For these constants, note the following:

  • They are located next to the module configuration.
  • They are public constants.
  • They can be accessed directly from layer code.
class ModuleNameConfig extends AbstractBundleConfig
  public const UNCHANGEABLE_CONTENT = 'my unchangable value';

Storage unchangeable constants (like queue name, error queue name, resource name) should also follow the unchangeable module constant implementation, and not the events.