Not optimized Composer on the production environment

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All pages are slow on the production environment.


The possible cause can be an unoptimized Composer for the production environment.

Here is an example of a profile from Blackfire:


As can be seen, there are many file_exists checks and findFilewithExtension that should be optimized.


Optimize the Composer autoloader. Follow the general performance guidelines and Composer guidelines.

For example, you can run the dump-autoload command with -o or --optimize.

After running the command defined in the guidelines, the profile can look like this:


As you can see, the two most time-consuming points are gone.

The comparison view looks like this:


We have optimized 40% of all time on the same action and reduced the number of file_exists checks and findFilewithExtension.

Some other possible optimizations include, for example, running the dump-autoload command with -a / --classmap-authoritative.

This is what profiling looks like after running this command:


To identify what exactly got updated, check the comparison view:


Now, way more actions got removed from the profiling result. The time is optimized by 87% from the initial report.

However, to avoid any potential issues with the autoloader optimization, check trades-offs on the official autoloader website.