Table Column Type List

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This document explains the Table Column Type List in the Components library.


Table Column List is an Angular Component that provides a list of Table Column components with defined types via the table-column-renderer component and displays two columns by default, with the rest appearing in the @spryker/popover component.

Check out an example usage of the Table Column List in the @spryker/table config:

        columns: [
                id: 'sku',
                title: 'sku',
                type: 'list',
                typeOptions: {
                    limit: 2,
                    type: 'text',
                    typeOptions: {
                        text: '${displayValue}',

Component registration

Register the component:

declare module '@spryker/table' {
    interface TableColumnTypeRegistry {
        list: TableColumnListConfig;

    imports: [
            list: TableColumnListComponent,
export class RootModule {}


Below you can find interfaces for the Table Column List:

interface TableColumnListConfigInner {
    type?: string;
    typeOptions?: Object;
    typeChildren?: TableColumnListConfigInner[];

interface TableColumnListConfig extends TableColumnListConfigInner {
    limit: number; // 2 - by default