Spryks QA automation

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QA automation is a feature that lets you run QA tools such as code style checks, static analysis, and unit tests required by Spryker.

Enable QA automation

You can enable the QA automation at the project initialization step as an additional setting. To achieve this, do the following:

  1. Run this command:
spryker-sdk sdk:init:project
  1. Pick the necessary steps from the list. If none is picked, the default list is used. You can check the default list in the settings.yaml file, in settings.qa_tasks.values.

After the project’s initialization, its QA automation tasks are saved to the .ssdk/setting file.

An example of a result:

    - 'validation:php:rector'
    - 'validation:php:codestyle-check'
    - 'validation:php:static'

Use QA automation

To execute all of the QA automation tasks, run the following command:

spryker-sdk sdk:qa:run

To customize the list of the executable QA automation tasks, change the qa_tasks block in in the .ssdk/setting file accordingly.

To add a custom QA task, your task ID name should have the validation:* pattern.

Tests execution

QA automation can execute unit tests, but only if it doesn’t require the project environment configuration. Otherwise, the result might be unpredictable.