Frontend performance guidelines

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This document describes general and Spryker-specific frontend performance guidelines.

General performance guidelines for frontend

Server configuration:

  • HTTP/2
  • Cookie-free domain for assets: CSS, JS, Fonts, Images.
  • Brotli encoding for textual assets: CSS, JS, SVG. Use gzip as a fallback.
  • Expires and ETag response headers.
  • Production build mode. To build production, run npm run yves:production and npm run zed:production.

Assets optimization:

  • Optimize images to reduce their size for network transfer. To optimize project images, run npm run yves:images-optimization.
  • Optimize fonts, use WOFF 2.0; if possible, with a fallback to WOFF 1.0.
  • Remove unused characters from fonts.
  • Use lazy loading for images.

HTML optimization:

  • If users are very likely to follow a link, apply a pretender: <link rel="prerender" href="">.

Spryker-specific performance guidelines for frontend

General rules:

  • Use the lazy Webpack directive to register unnecessary components.
  • Decrease the number of components on each page to as small as possible.
  • Avoid using querySelectorAll or at least do not use it in Document contexts.
  • Detect and resolve 404 errors.

Twig rules:

  • Instead of aggregated objects like data, pass separate values into components.
  • Move the aggregation logic to the PHP side.
  • Avoid global data.
  • If you access a property more than once, create a Twig variable using set.