Collate data transformer: Table configurator

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This document explains the Table Configurator service in the Components Library.


Table Configurator as a collate data transformer is an Angular Service that re-populates of data to a format suitable for filtering: DataTransformerConfiguratorConfigT.

Check out an example usage of the Data Transformer Collate Configurator Table in the @spryker/table config:

        datasource: {
            transform: {
                type: 'collate',
                configurator: {
                    type: 'table',

Service registration

Register the service:

declare module '@spryker/data-transformer.collate' {
    interface DataTransformerConfiguratorRegistry {
        table: TableDataTransformerConfiguratorService;

    imports: [
            collate: CollateDataTransformerService,
            table: TableDataTransformerConfiguratorService,
export class RootModule {}