Oryx application

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App represents a running Oryx application instance.

It lets you do the following:

  • Interact with registered plugins: findPlugin and requirePlugin.
  • Wait for application ready state when all plugins have been initialized: whenReady.
  • Destroy and cleanup the application: destroy.

The App instance is available in the Dependency Injection under the AppRef token, which you can inject:

import { AppRef } from '@spryker-oryx/core';
import { inject } from '@spryker-oryx/di';

class MyService {
  constructor(private app = inject(AppRef)) {
    // Do something with `app` here

To allow for easy interactions, the App instance is available inside plugins:

class MyPlugin implements AppPlugin {
  apply(app: App) {
    // Do something with `app` here

Interact with plugins

If you need to access some of the registered plugins, depending on your requirements for the plugins, you can use the findPlugin or requirePlugin API. If your code needs a plugin to work, and you cannot provide a feasible fallback without it, use the requirePlugin API. If the plugin is not registered with the Oryx application, it throws an error. Otherwise, you can use findPlugin. If a plugin is not available, it returns undefined, in which case you need to design your code to handle the fallback logic.

Both methods expect a plugin class reference or a plugin name string to resolve the plugin.

Example of getting plugins: