Implement image optimization

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The imagemin plugin is a npm package that compresses a particular image format. For example, mozjpeg compresses JPEG files. Popular image formats may have multiple plugins to choose from.

Install image optimization

  1. Add the following plugins to the package.json:
imagemin ~7.0.1
imagemin-gifsicle ~6.0.1
imagemin-mozjpeg ~8.0.0
imagemin-pngquant ~8.0.0
imagemin-svgo ~7.1.0
  1. Install the added plugins:
npm install

Set up image optimization

  1. Add new commands to the package.json scripts:
"yves:images-optimization": "node ./frontend/libs/images-optimization-build"
"yves:images-optimization:replace": "node ./frontend/libs/images-optimization-build --replace",
  1. Create the folder with optimized images (project/frontend/assets/%namespace%/%theme%/images/optimized-images):
npm run yves:images-optimization
  1. Replace original images with optimized ones:
npm run yves:images-optimization:replace

If you set the mode value to true—for example, production: true—when you run npm run yves:production, the build is executed with optimized images by default, and they are added to the public folder.


enabledInModes: {
    'development': false,
    'development-watch': false,
    'production': true,