Install B2C API React example

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The B2C API React example can be installed inside Spryker Development Virtual Machine (VM) or on a separate dedicated server. To perform both installation scenarios, take the following steps.

Using a virtual machine ensures a faster deployment as the VM already has all the necessary components installed.

The example application is provided only for display purposes and must under no circumstances be used as a starting point for any project.

Install on a dedicated server

To install the app on a dedicated web server, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have Spryker Glue REST API installed and working.

  2. Make sure that the following prerequisites are installed on the Node 8.9.3 server or newer.

  3. Add the following entries to the hosts file of the server:

<Glue_IP> react.local


  • <Glue_IP>—the IP of the Glue REST API server.
  •—the local hostname of the Glue REST AP server.
  • react.local—the local hostname of the B2C API React Example application.
  1. Clone the B2C API React Example repository:
git clone
  1. Open the local_outside_vm.env file for editing.
  2. Change the DEV_SERVER_HOST variable to point to the example app hostname—for example, react.local—and the API_URL variable to point to the local hostname of the Glue REST API server. Also, you can change the example app page title. It is specified using the APP_TITLE variable. The sample local_outside_vm.env file implementation is as follows:
APP_TITLE=Spryker API React Example
  1. Save the changes and close the file.

  2. Install npm cpy globally:

npm install --global cpy-cli
  1. Build and run the application:
npm i
npm run dist
npm run serve:local
  1. Check that the example application is available at the following URL: http://react.local
  2. To stop the app, press Ctrl+C. To start it again, run npm run serve:local.