Dead code checker

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The dead code checker checks for dead code that extends core classes in your project.

Problem description

The project has the capability to extend Spryker core classes, but over time, it may become ineffective due to changes in the project or core components. This results in unnecessary additional time investment from developers, as they need to update the dead code. This check examines potential obsolete classes, with a tendency to overlook important Spryker kernel classes like Factory, Facade, or DependencyProvider. If desired, you have the option to disable the dead code checker for a particular class using the @evaluator-skip-dead-code annotation.

Example of an evaluator error message


Message: The class "Pyz/Zed/Single/Communication/Plugin/SinglePlugin" is not used in the project.
Target:  Pyz/Zed/Single/Communication/Plugin/SinglePlugin

Example of code that causes an evaluator error

Unused class Pyz/Zed/Single/Communication/Plugin/SinglePlugin that produces an error:

namespace Pyz\Zed\Single\Communication\Plugin;

use Spryker\Zed\Single\Communication\Plugin\SinglePlugin as SprykerSinglePlugin;

class SinglePlugin extends SprykerSinglePlugin

Resolve the error

Remove the unused dead code in project.

Run only this checker

To run only this checker, include DEAD_CODE_CHECKER into the checkers list. Example:

vendor/bin/evaluator evaluate --checkers=DEAD_CODE_CHECKER