Single plugin argument

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This check makes sure that the plugins don’t require complicated constructor arguments.

Problem description

Inside of the dependency provider, you can register the plugin directly in the method or through another wrap method, with and without constructor arguments. To keep the plugins simple, they shouldn’t require complicated objects as constructor arguments.

Supported argument types:

  • int
  • float
  • string (constant or concatenations with the constant)
  • bool
  • null
  • usage of new statement to instantiate a class (without further methods calls)

Example of evaluator error message


Message: The "\Spryker\Zed\Console\Communication\Plugin\MonitoringConsolePlugin" plugin
         should not have unsupported constructor parameters.
         Supported argument types: int, float, string, const, bool, int, usage of new statement to
         instantiate a class (without further methods calls).
Target:  {PATH_TO_PROJECT}\ConsoleDependencyProvider::getMonitoringConsoleMethod()

Example of code that causes an evaluator error

The dependency provider method returns the plugin with the unwanted argument:

namespace Pyz\Zed\SinglePluginArgument;

use Pyz\Zed\Monitoring\Communication\Plugin\Console\MonitoringConsolePlugin;

class ConsoleDependencyProvider
     * @return \Pyz\Zed\Console\Communication\Plugin\MonitoringConsolePlugin
    public function getMonitoringConsoleMethod(): MonitoringConsolePlugin
        $fp = fopen('test.txt', 'w');

        return new MonitoringConsolePlugin($fp);

Resolve the error

To resolve the error:

  1. Refactor the plugin - remove the usage of the complicated constructor arguments.

Run only this checker

To run only this checker, include SINGLE_PLUGIN_ARGUMENT into the checkers list. Example:

vendor/bin/evaluator evaluate --checkers=SINGLE_PLUGIN_ARGUMENT