Data Transformer: Collate

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This document explains the Data Transformer Collate service in the Components Library.


Data Transformer Collate is an Angular Service that implements sorting, filtering, and pagination of data based on configuration. In general, the meaning of the word collate is to collect, arrange and assemble in a specific order of sequence.

        datasource: {
            type: 'inline',
            data: {
                col1: '2020-09-24T15:20:08+02:00',
                col2: 'col 2',
            transform: {
                type: 'collate',
                configurator: {
                    type: 'table',
                filter: {
                    date: {
                        type: 'range',
                        propNames: 'col1',
                search: {
                    type: 'text',
                    propNames: ['col2'],
                transformerByPropName: {
                    col1: 'date',

Collate Filters

Collate Filters are Angular Services that extend filtering in the Data Transformer. These services are registered via CollateDataTransformer.withFilters().

There are a few common Data Transformer Collate Filters that are available as separate packages in the UI library:

  • Equals—filters values that are strictly equal.
  • Range—filters values that are within a number range.
  • Text—filters values that match a string.

Collate Data Configurators

Data Configurators are Angular Services that enable re-population of data (sorting, pagination, filtering). These services are registered via CollateDataTransformer.withConfigurators().

There are a few common Data Transformers Collate Data Configurators that are available:

  • Table—integrates Table into Collate to re-populate data when the table updates.

Service registration

Register the service:

    imports: [
            collate: CollateDataTransformerService,

        // Filters
            equals: EqualsDataTransformerFilterService,
            range: RangeDataTransformerFilterService,
            text: TextDataTransformerFilterService,

        // Configurators
            table: TableDataTransformerConfiguratorService,
export class RootModule {}


Below you can find interfaces for the Data Transformer Collate:


  • configurator—the object with the Data Transformer configurator type and additional properties.
  • filter—the object based on a specific data property (filterId) that defines the properties on which the initial data object is filtered via DataTransformerFilterConfig.
  • search—defines the properties on which the initial data object is filtered via DataTransformerFilterConfig.
  • transformerByPropName—the object with data properties list that needs to be transformed.


type—the declared name of the module whose data needs to be transformed.


  • type—the name of a filter, for example, range.
  • propNames—the array with the property names to which the filter is applied.
declare module '@spryker/data-transformer' {
    interface DataTransformerRegistry {
        collate: CollateDataTransformerConfig;

export interface CollateDataTransformerConfig extends DataTransformerConfig {
    configurator: DataTransformerConfiguratorConfig;
    filter?: {
        [filterId: string]: DataTransformerFilterConfig;
    search?: DataTransformerFilterConfig;
    transformerByPropName?: DataFilterTransformerByPropName;

export interface DataTransformerConfiguratorConfig {
    type: DataTransformerConfiguratorType;

    // Extra configuration for specific types
    [prop: string]: unknown;

export interface DataTransformerFilterConfig {
    type: string;
    propNames: string | string[];

export type DataFilterTransformerByPropName = Record<string, string>;