Tooling configuration file

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In order to make the tool configuring more convenient, we introduced the .tooling.yml file. It contains a variety of settings for different tools in one place, helping you to keep the number of files on the root level as small as possible. The .tooling.yml file should also be in .gitattributes to be ignored for tagging:

... export-ignore

The following tools and directives are supported.

Code sniffer

The code sniffer configuration section can have one directive: level. Example:

    level: 1

Architecture sniffer

The architecture sniffer configuration section can have two directives: priority and ignoreErrors. Example:

    priority: 5
        - '#DependencyProvider#'
        - '#DevelopmentCommunicationFactory#'

Note that the keywords listed in the ignoreErrors directive are regular expressions. They are used to match the lines in the error list provided as a result of the architecture sniffer doing its job.