Task set

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Sometimes, you might need to run multiple related tasks at a time. In this case, you can create a task set. A task set is a group of related tasks that you can run with one command. To create a task set, you can either create the task set YAML configuration file, or implement \SprykerSdk\SdkContracts\Entity\TaskSetInterface.

In task sets, you can redeclare sub-tasks stop_on_error, tags, and override the placeholders behavior.

Configuring sub-task placeholders

After grouping tasks into a task set, you might see that a placeholder from one task is used in another task or is duplicated several times. Such behavior is caused by the placeholder’s naming collision in a task set. To resolve this issue, you can redefine the placeholder (fully or partially) in the placeholder_overrides task section. To share the same placeholder between tasks, declare the placeholder in the shared_placeholders section. You can also amend the description in this section.

This mapping is also available for the PHP tasks sets in TaskSetInterface.

Example of a YAML task set configuration file:

id: "sdk:task:set"
short_description: "Create ACP AsyncAPI file with message"
help: ~
stage: build
version: 1.0.0
command: ~
type: task_set
  - id: "task:one"
    stop_on_error: true
    tags: ['tag_one', 'tag_two']
            name: "%config_one%"
            value_resolver: STATIC_TEXT
            optional: true
                name: "report_dir"
                description: "Reports directory"
                type: string
                settingPaths: ["report_dir"]

  - id: "task:two"
    stop_on_error: false
placeholders: []
    '%sdk_dir%': ~
      description: 'Some description'