Marketplace data import

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The Marketplace setup category contains data required to set up the Marketplace environment.

The following table provides details about Marketplace setup data importers, their purpose, CSV files, dependencies, and other details. Each data importer contains links to CSV files to import the corresponding data, including specifications of mandatory and unique fields, dependencies, detailed explanations, recommendations, templates, and content examples.

Merchants Imports basic merchant information. data:import merchant merchant.csv merchant_profile.csv
Merchant profile Imports merchant profile information. data:import merchant-profile merchant_profile.csv merchant.csv
Merchant profile addresses Imports merchant addresses. data:import merchant-profile-address merchant_profile_address.csv merchant_profile.csv
Merchant opening hours Imports default opening hours schedule. data:import merchant-opening-hours-weekday-schedule merchant_open_hours_week_day_schedule.csv merchant.csv
Imports special opening hours schedule including holidays. data:import merchant-opening-hours-date-schedule merchant_open_hours_date_schedule.csv merchant.csv
Merchant category Imports merchant categories. data:import merchant-category merchant_category.csv merchant.csv
Merchant users Imports merchant users of the merchant. data:import merchant-user merchant_user.csv merchant.csv
Merchant stores Imports merchant stores. data:import merchant-store merchant_store.csv
Merchant stock Imports merchant stock details. data:import merchant-stock merchant_stock.csv
Merchant OMS processes Imports Merchant OMS processes. data:import merchant-oms-process merchant_oms_process.csv
  • merchant.csv
  • OMS configuration that can be found at:
    • project/config/Zed/oms project/config/Zed/StateMachine
    • project/config/Zed/StateMachine
Merchant product offer Imports basic merchant product offer information. data:import merchant-product-offer merchant_product_offer.csv
Merchant product offer price Imports product offer prices. data:import price-product-offer price-product-offer.csv
Merchant product offer stock Imports merchant product stock. data:import product-offer-stock product_offer_stock.csv
Merchant product offer stores Imports merchant product offer stores. data:import merchant-product-offer-store merchant_product_offer_store.csv
Validity of the merchant product offers Imports the validity of the merchant product offers. data:import product-offer-validity product_offer_validity.csv merchant_product_offer.csv
Merchant product offers Imports full product offer information via a single file. data:import --config data/import/common/combined_merchant_product_offer_import_config_{store}.yml combined_merchant_product_offer.csv
Merchant products Imports marketplace products. data:import merchant-product merchant_product.csv
Merchant order Updates the status of the merchant order item. order-oms:status-import merchant-order-status merchant-order-status.csv
Product offer shopping list Imports product offers into the shopping list with product offers. console data:import product-offer-shopping-list-item product_offer_shopping_list.csv