Query objects - creation and usage

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Query objects provide an object-oriented API for writing database queries which are used in query containers.

Please check the official Propel Query Reference for a complete documentation.

Creating a New Query Object

Query objects are created by Propel during the build model step. See the schema definition for details how to describe them in XML.

As you can see src/Orm/Zed/ the query object which belongs to the Spryker core extend base classes placed in the vendordirectory. This way you can easily adopt the classes for your needs but we can still add methods in the core.

Query Class Qenerator

The Propel module alters the rules of generating query models by requiring explicit passing of filtering criteria into filterBy.. and findBy... methods.

This means, that when an array, LIKE expression or an array with min/max are passed as a filtering argument, it is explicitly required to specify Criteria::IN, Criteria::LIKE or Criteria::BETWEEN. The Criteria::BETWEEN is implemented in the wrapper class Spryker\Zed\Propel\Business\Runtime\ActiveQuery\Criteria.

Additionally the Propel module adds the following methods into the generated classes, that allow to easily filter: filterBy...._In(), filterBy...._Like() and filterBy...._Between().