Update the Docker SDK

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There are several ways to manage the Docker SDK version.

For local environments, we recommend using the Git submodule to ensure the same version is used across the team.

In cloud environments, versions are managed only using .git.docker.

For more details on choosing a version, see Choosing a Docker SDK version.

To update the Docker SDK version in a cloud environment, follow the steps:

  1. Duplicate the folder: docker/deployment/default/terraform.
  2. Choose the version to upgrade to, preferably one of the releases.
  3. Install the needed version.
  4. Bootstrap the Docker setup:
docker/sdk boot {your_deploy_file}
5. Compare the current `docker/deployment/default/terraform` to the copy you've created in step 1.
  If new variables have been added, [create a support ticket](https://support.spryker.com/s/) to apply these changes to your environment. If variable values have been changed, you don't need to create a ticket.