Marketplace in the Back Office

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This document describes the marketplace modules used for the Back Office.

Spryker Core Back Office

The Spryker Core Back Office feature provides the core functionality of the Back Office, which is a prerequisite for Back Office-related features in the Marketplace.

Marketplace GUI modules for the Back Office

Marketplace offers the following types of GUI modules for the Back Office.


this type of module provides UI for the Marketplace operators to manage global Marketplace domain objects such as Orders, Products, Merchants, and others. For example, MerchantProfileGui serves as an admin panel for managing Merchants across the entire system.


this type of module provides UI for marketplace operator to manage their own domain objects such as MerchantOrders, Offers, Products, and others. For example, MerchantSalesOrderMerchantUserGui is a UI for managing marketplace operator MerchantOrders. Modules of this type require the presence of a connection between a user and a merchant. A user without this connection cannot use the page at all.

Business logic in GUI modules

Don’t put any business logic into your GUI modules. Business logic should reside in principal modules. For example, ProductGui resides in Product.