Adding buttons to Zed tables

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Depending on the button type that needs to be added (Update/Create/Remove/View), you can add the following operations:

$this->generateCreateButton('destination_URL', 'Button title', array $buttonOptions);
$this->generateEditButton('destination_URL', 'Button title', array $buttonOptions);
$this->generateViewButton('destination_URL', 'Button title', array $buttonOptions);
$this->generateRemoveButton('destination_URL', 'Button title', array $buttonOptions);

Each generated button has corresponding color and icon according to its type.

Usage example:

$this->generateCreateButton('/category/create', 'Add new Category');
$this->generateEditButton('/category/edit/?id-category=1', 'Edit Category');
$this->generateViewButton('/category/view/?id-category=1', 'View Category');
$this->generateRemoveButton('#', 'Remove Category', [
    'id' => 'category-' . $this->getIdCategory(),
    'class' => 'remove-item',

The third parameter $buttonOptions is an array through which extra properties can be appended to the HTML code that is generated.


$buttonOptions = [
    'class' => 'my-custom-class', // will append this class to default class list
    'id' => 'my-custom-id-for-this-button', // will add id property to generated HTML link
    'icon' => 'button-icon'