Table Feature Pagination

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This document explains the Table Feature Pagination component in the Components Library.


Table Feature Pagination is a feature of the Table Component that renders pagination of the table. This feature is based on the Pagination component.

Check out an example usage of the Table Feature Pagination in the @spryker/table config.

Component configuration:

  • enabled—enables the feature via config.
  • sizes—an array of numbers of table rows that needs to be displayed per page.
        dataSource: { ... },
        columns: [ ... ],
        pagination: {
            enabled: true,
            sizes: [10, 50, 100],

Component registration

Register the component:

declare module '@spryker/table' {
    interface TableConfig {
        pagination?: TablePaginationConfig;

    imports: [
            pagination: () =>
                    (m) => m.TablePaginationFeatureModule,
export class RootModule {}
// Via HTML
    imports: [
export class RootModule {}

<spy-table [config]="config">
    <spy-table-pagination-feature spy-table-feature></spy-table-pagination-feature>


Below you can find interfaces for the Table Feature Pagination:

export interface TablePaginationConfig extends TableFeatureConfig {
    sizes: number[];