Code Quality

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Spryker Commerce OS’s code base receives very high scores in terms of quality measures, indicating significantly higher code quality than many other e-commerce solutions.

Code Quality Spryker, score in score points (x out of 100) Code quality

The Results

  • Maintainability: Keeping code and architecture clean as crucial part of complex commerce development
  • Accessibility: Developers can easily understand and start working with Spryker Commerce OS’s code base
  • Bug probability: Much lower error-proneness, resulting in fewer resources needed for bug-fixing

Understanding the Results

Spryker Commerce OS has significantly higher code quality

Spryker is successfully keeping the code clean by using SOLID principles & separation of concerns

Empowers developers to work faster, more productively and more efficiently

The methodology: PHPmetrics scans and evaluates software code base in comparison to other high-quality PHP projects. The score is presented in easily comparable index points on a scale from 0 to 100. The tool is accessible at