Multidimensional array

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This check checks that project doesn’t use the deeply nested multidimensional arrays in dependency providers, in order to not overload it with complicated logic.

Problem description

If a plugins stack is used on the project level, not all structures are necessarily required. Deeply nested multidimensional arrays make configuration hard to upgrade. This check verifies that multidimensional arrays have a maximum of two levels of nesting inside.

Example of an evaluator error message


Message: Reached max level of nesting for the plugin registration in the {FormDependencyProvider::getPlugins()}.
         The maximum allowed nesting level is 2. Refactor the code; otherwise, it can cause upgradability issues in the future.
Target:  Pyz\Yves\Module\ModuleDependencyProvider

Example of code that causes an evaluator error

The methods ModuleDependencyProvider contains unsupported multidimensional arrays, which have more than two nesting levels inside.

namespace Pyz\Yves\Module;

use Spryker\Yves\Module\ModuleDependencyProvider as SprykerModuleDependencyProvider;

class ModuleDependencyProvider extends SprykerModuleDependencyProvider
    protected function getPlugins(): array
        return [ // 1st level
            GlossaryStorageConfig::PUBLISH_TRANSLATION => [ // 2nd level
                'delete' => [ // 3rd level. Only plugins registration should be on this nesting level
                    new GlossaryKeyDeletePublisherPlugin(),
                'write' => [
                    new GlossaryKeyWriterPublisherPlugin(),
                    new GlossaryTranslationWritePublisherPlugin(),

Resolving the error

Try to have simple configuration arrays. They shouldn’t have more than two nesting levels inside.

Run only this checker

To run only this checker, include MULTIDIMENSIONAL_ARRAY_CHECKER into the checkers list. Example:

vendor/bin/evaluator evaluate --checkers=MULTIDIMENSIONAL_ARRAY_CHECKER