Architecture Sniffer

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We use our Architecture Sniffer Tool to ensure the quality of Spryker architecture for both core and project.

Running the tool

The sniffer can find a lot of violations and will report them:

$ vendor/bin/console code:sniff:architecture

// Sniff a specific subfolder of your project - with verbose output
$ vendor/bin/console code:sniff:architecture src/Pyz/Zed -v

// Sniff a specific module
$ vendor/bin/console code:sniff:architecture -m Customer

c:s:a can be used as a shortcut.

Additional options:

  • -p: Priority [1 (highest), 2 (medium), 3 (experimental)] (defaults to 2)
  • -s: Strict (to also report those nodes with a @SuppressWarnings annotation)
  • -d: Dry-run, only output the command to be run

Run –help or -h to get help about usage of all options available.

See the Architecture Sniffer documentation for details and information on how to set it up for your CI system as a checking tool for each PR.

Conventions and guidelines

If you have a running Demoshop, go to Architecture rules in the Zed backend to get an overview of all currently implemented rules.