Supported versions of PHP

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Since July 2022, Spryker has been compatible with PHP 8.1. Support for PHP 8.2 was added in December 2023.

Currently, we recommend using PHP 8.2. If you are using version 8.1, we encourage you to migrate at the beginning of 2024 to ensure a smooth upgrade path. More and more libraries deliver releases, including bug fixes and security updates, only for 8.2+, so this becomes an increasing risk factor for any business.

Before switching PHP versions in production environments, ensure to check this new major version’s new features and test it for incompatibilities. For more information, see the following documents:


PHP 8.1+ is a hard requirement from 03.11.2023 due to the modules being PHP 8.1+.

PHP versions supported at Spryker

The following graph shows the timelines of support of different PHP versions.

For more details about the supported versions, see the official PHP documentation.