Registering a new service

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The Service Application represents Spryker’s multi-purpose library. A service can be used in all other applications, like Yves or Zed. A service can contain only reusable lightweight stateless business logic with no reliance on database or storage connections. All required data should be provided as an input. Usage is focused on level details (infrastructure layer)—for example, encoding, text processing, and sanitization. There are a few Util existing bundles providing services: UtilText and UtilEncoding.

Using a service

To support best practices, any services shared between bundles and applications (Yves, Zed, Client) that do not resolve high-level business processes are moved to services. You can access services with the locator: $container->getLocator()->utilEncoding()->service().

Service structure

When creating a new service, under a newly-created module, follow this file structure:

  • src/Spryker/Service/: Root directory.
  • src/Spryker/Service/DemoService.php: Main locatable service class. Should extend Spryker/Service/Kernel/AbstractService.
  • src/Spryker/Service/DemoServiceFactory.php: Service factory class. Should extend Spryker/Service/Kernel/AbstractServiceFactory.
  • src/Spryker/Service/DemoDependencyProvider: Service dependency provider. Extends Spryker/Service/Kernel/AbstractBundleDependencyProvider.

Sample service class:

 * @method \Spryker\Service\UtilEncoding\UtilEncodingServiceFactory getFactory()
class UtilEncodingService extends AbstractService implements UtilEncodingServiceInterface

     * {@inheritdoc}
     * @api
     * @param string $jsonValue
     * @param int|null $options
     * @param int|null $depth
     * @return string
    public function encodeJson($jsonValue, $options = null, $depth = null)
        return $this->getFactory()
            ->encode($jsonValue, $options, $depth);

After creating all mentioned files, make the service visible by the locator autocompletion:

vendor/bin/console dev:ide:generate-service-auto-completion