Static Security Checker

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The Spryker static Security Checker allows you to detect packages with security vulnerabilities. It is based on the Local PHP Security Checker.


To install the Security Checker, run:

composer require --dev spryker-sdk/security-checker


Having installed the Security Checker, enable it in ConsoleDependencyProvider:

class ConsoleDependencyProvider
    protected function getConsoleCommands(Container $container): array
        $commands = [];
        if (class_exists(SecurityCheckerCommand::class)) {
            $commands[] = new SecurityCheckerCommand();
        return $commands;


Run the following command to check for security issues in the composer.lock file:

vendor/bin/console security:check
False-positive vulnerability CVE-NONE-0001

There is a known false-positive issue CVE-NONE-0001. This issue is not valid. We have suspended the notice about it. If you want the details of the suspended notice, run

vendor/bin/console security:check -v