Running production

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Spryker OS is capable of providing simple and advanced production scenarios: single instance, many instances with all applications enabled, and many instances with particular application layers executed. Every project sets different requirements for running the production of the system and these decisions should be taken into account during project planning by the development, QA, and DevOps teams.


Spryker OS provides the following applications:

  • Storefront (Yves)
  • Back Office (Zed)
  • Storefront API (Glue)

Applications can be run and scaled independently. For more information on the provided applications and application layers, see Conceptual overview.

Typical use is scaling your Storefront API servers while running a native APP marketing campaign (while it’s using Storefront API for data access). Same as independently scaling Storefront during Black Friday targeted at customer web-frontend.

Back Office security

Back Office Application based on the Zed Application layer contains the business logic of your application and heavy backend calculations. Also, the Back Office Application provides full control over the data through UI. Even with good ACL use, the Back Office contains sensitive data which must be secured in Intranet.

System requirement

To protect the application and user data, the Back Office Application (Zed) must be secured in an Intranet (using Basic Auth, IP white-list, or DMZ).

Back Office security