Messages are stuck without error notifications

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Messages are getting stuck or do not get consumed from RabbitMQ queues. They are not getting moved to the error queue, and there is no visible error in CloudWatch log groups. Instead, the messages are stuck in the Ready queue without being moved to the Unacked queue.


This symptom usually indicates that the queue worker responsible for consuming the messages from the stuck queue is not running. Switch to your Jenkins instance and validate that the queue worker for the queue.

Jenkins Job Queue Worker

The naming of the queue worker corresponds to the virtual host of the affected queue in RabbitMQ is running and does not encounter errors.

Rabbit MQ Vhosts

If the queue worker runs but encounters errors, you can view the error message. For this, click the job and open the console output.

Jenkins Job Console Output


If the queue worker encounters errors, you need to solve these errors. If the queue worker does not run, start up the queue worker by ensuring that the project is enabled.

Enable Jenkins Project

Then, start building the project by clicking Build Now.

Build Jenkins Project