Yves bootstrapping

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Yves and Zed are both built upon the Symfony components. So most concepts about modern web frameworks are applied here as well.

In static/public/Yves/index.php, you can find the entry for the frontend application.


$errorHandlerEnvironment = new ErrorHandlerEnvironment();

$bootstrap = new YvesBootstrap();

The boot() method returns an application that has the run() method, which processes the request and returns a response to the browser. YvesBootstrap is responsible for building the desired application. The registration process is handled by the boot() operation.

Application plugins

The application uses application plugins that add the required base functionality of your project.


namespace Pyz\Yves\ShopApplication;
// ...

class ShopApplicationDependencyProvider extends SprykerShopApplicationDependencyProvider

     * @return \Spryker\Shared\ApplicationExtension\Dependency\Plugin\ApplicationPluginInterface[]
    protected function getApplicationPlugins(): array
        return [
            new TwigApplicationPlugin(),
            new EventDispatcherApplicationPlugin(),
            // ...

// ...