Checking and debugging Spryks

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To avoid dependency conflicts, spryker-sdk/spryk-src is compiled into a phar archive. The archive is then pushed to spryker-sdk/spryk and included as a dependency into the target project. You have to recompile spryker-sdk/spryk-src every time when you need to check something. However, this approach is not ideal if you update and debug regularly.

Instead, you can install the package into the vendor folder without adding the dependency to composer.json and test it directly on project files for development purposes:

cd vendor/spryker-sdk
git clone
cd spryk-src
git checkout <your branch>
composer install

To run Spryks, you can use a command from the CLI or testing environments:

# from the host
SPRYKER_XDEBUG_ENABLE=1 docker/sdk testing
SPRYKER_XDEBUG_ENABLE=1 docker/sdk cli

#inside the docker
php vendor/spryker-sdk/spryk-src/bin/spryk <Spryk name> <Spryk arguments>

php vendor/spryker-sdk/spryk-src/bin/spryk AddCrudFacade --mode project --organization Pyz --module Ay --domainEntity Entity -n