Translation JSON file

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The translation.json file contains translations of the form files which are defined in the configuration.json file of your app developed with Spryker Mini-Framework. Add this file to config/app/translation.jsonin your app.

For more information about the app configuration translation, see App configuration translation.

Here is the example translation.json file for the Hello World app.

  "configurations_fieldset_title": {
    "en_US": "Configurations",
    "de_DE": "Konfigurationen"
  "configurations_hint": {
    "en_US": "Add the Client details.",
    "de_DE": "Füge die Client details hinzu."
  "clientId_title": {
    "en_US": "Client ID",
    "de_DE": "Client ID"
  "clientId_placeholder": {
    "en_US": "Enter Client ID here.",
    "de_DE": "Geben Sie hier die Client ID ein."
  "clientSecret_title": {
    "en_US": "Client Secret",
    "de_DE": "Client Secret"
  "clientSecret_placeholder": {
    "en_US": "Enter Client Secret here.",
    "de_DE": "Geben Sie hier den Client Secret ein."
  "isActive_title": {
    "en_US": "Activate",
    "de_DE": "Aktivieren"