Importing Product Data With a Single File

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Besides importing product-related data with multiple .csv files, like product_abstract.csv, product_abstract_store.csv, product_concrete.csv, product_price.csv, etc., you can use a single product data import file, which allows you to import all main product information that needs to be added or updated, at once. This bulk product data import ability might be especially useful if you:

  • Have different environments (production, staging, etc.), and you need to populate them all with the product data.
  • Frequently import product data.
  • Want to provide more autonomy to employees dealing with the administration of the products.

Before you can import all main product data, make sure that combined_product importer is enabled in your project.

To import combined product data via a single file, you need to:

Single .csv file for combined product data import

The CSV file for the main product data import contains product-related data that you can import into your system. Check out the template of the file for details on the data it contains.

The headers in this file are prefixed with the names of the individual product-related import CSV files where they originally belong and contain field names that match those in the individual product import CSV files. The prefixes are separated from the field names by a dot, for example:

  • product_abstract_store.store_name - corresponds to the store_name field in the product_abstract_store.csv file
  • product_abstract.category_key - corresponds to the category_key field in the product_abstract.csv file
  • product_concrete.is_quantity_splittable - corresponds to the is_quantity_splittable field in the product_concrete.csv file

The only exceptions are abstract_sku and concrete_sku headers that are not prefixed.

Thus, the CSV file for the main product data import is a combination of data from separate product-related CSV files (except for a few fields specific for just this file). Due to this, when importing corresponding data, the same dependencies and mandatory fields as for the separate files, apply to the combined product data import file. For example, if you want to import product image data via the combined product data file (headers productimage.imageset_name, productimage.externalurl_large, etc.), you should mind the dependencies and mandatory fields as for product_image.csv.

By default, the import CSV file resides in data/import/common/{STORE}/. As, for example, the combined_product_DE.csv file in Spryker Master Suite.

Mandatory fields and dependencies

If you import only abstract products, the following fields must be populated in the combined product data import file:

  • abstract_sku
  • product_abstract.category_key
  • product_abstract.url.{LOCALE}

For details on these and other product abstract-related fields, see File details: product_abstract.csv.

If you import concrete products as well, the following fields are also mandatory:

  • concrete_sku
  • product.attribute_key_{NUMBER}
  • product.value_{NUMBER}

For details on these and other concrete product-related fields, see File details: product_concrete.csv.

All other fields with prefixes product_abstract and product. are optional.

If you need to import other product data as well, for example, prices, images, etc., see the table below for details on where you can take field descriptions, information about mandatory fields and data dependencies.

  • product_group.group_key
  • product_group.position
File details: product_group.csv
  • product_image.image_set_name
  • product_image.external_url_large
  • product_image.external_url_small
  • product_image.locale
  • product_image.sort_order
  • product_image.product_image_key
  • product_image.product_image_set_key
File details: product_image.csv
  • product_price.price_type
  • product_price.currency
  • product_price.value_net
  • product_price.value_gross
  • product_price.price_data.volume_prices
File details: product_price.csv
  • product_stock.quantity
  • product_stock.is_never_out_of_stock
  • product_stock.is_bundle
File details: product_stock.csv

Specific fields of the all product data import file

The combined product data import file contains three additional fields that are not available in individual product import files:

  • product.assigned_product_type
  • product_price.assigned_product_type
  • product_image.assigned_product_type

These fields can have the following values: abstract, concrete, and both that indicate what product types you import the data for. For example, if you have set both for the product.assigned_product_type field, it means that data from all fields with prefix product. (for example,{LOCALE}, product.attribute_key_{NUMBER}) will be imported for both abstract and concrete products. Likewise, you can import data for fields with prefix product., product_price., product_image. for just abstract or concrete products.

Depending on the product types you specified for the product.assigned_product_type, product_price.assigned_product_type, product_image.assigned_product_type fields, make sure you have the corresponding abstract_sku and concrete_sku fields populated. For example, If you specified both product types, you must populate the abstract_sku and concrete_sku fields.

YML configuration file for product data import

The YML configuration file for product data import allows sequentially running importers for product data. This file can be used to import all product-related data sets, or just some of them. See Console Commands for Product Data Import for details.

The data_entity names in the YML file match the prefixes (text before . ) in the combined product data import CSV file, with combined- added before them:

    - data_entity: combined-product-abstract
      source: data/import/common/DE/combined_product.csv
    - data_entity: combined-product-abstract-store
      source: data/import/common/DE/combined_product.csv
    - data_entity: combined-product-concrete
      source: data/import/common/DE/combined_product.csv
    - data_entity: combined-product-image
      source: data/import/common/DE/combined_product.csv
    - data_entity: combined-product-price
      source: data/import/common/DE/combined_product.csv
    - data_entity: combined-product-stock
      source: data/import/common/DE/combined_product.csv
    - data_entity: combined-product-group
      source: data/import/common/DE/combined_product.csv

By default, the configuration YML file resides in data/import/common. As, for example, the combined_product_import_config_EU.yml file in Spryker Master Suite.

Console commands for product data import

To import all product-related data from the YML configuration command, run the command console data:import --config=xxx/ccc/file-name.yml -t, where xxx/ccc/file-name.yml is the location of the YML file with the product data.

To import data for a specific entity only, specify the data_entity name after data:import in the command above. For example, if you want to import data for combined-product-concrete data entity only, your command should like this: console data:import combined-product-concrete --config=xxx/ccc/file-name.yml -t.