Availability Notification feature overview

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When customers visit an out-of-stock product page, they usually search for the shop which has the product in stock. The Back Office user of the original store can replenish the stock; however, it does not mean that the customer is still there to buy it. The Availability Notification feature provides a way to notify you about the demand for the product, so you can prioritize the product replenishment and notify the customer once it is available again.

The feature works in the form of a newsletter for both guest and registered users. Guest users subscribe by entering the email address they want to receive the notification to: Guest subscription

Registered users subscribe to the newsletter in the same way, but the email address set up in their account is already entered when they visit a page with an out-of-stock product: Registered user subscription

Registered users can change the pre-entered email address to any other one.

Once a customer subscribed, the email address input field is replaced with the Do not notify me when back in stock button. Do not notify me when back in stock button

An email about a successful subscription is sent to the entered email address: Email about successful subscription

If a customer clicks Do not notify me when back in stock, they receive an email about a successful cancellation of the subscription: Cancellation of subscription

Those who subscribed to the newsletter receive an email once the product is available, no matter how the availability status becomes positive. Product is available

Each email sent as a part of the subscription contains the unsubscribe from this list button, as shown on the preceding screenshot.

A Back Office user cannot manage newsletter subscriptions.

A developer can manage the newsletter text files in /src/Spryker/Zed/AvailabilityNotification/Presentation/Mail and check the list of subscriptions in the spy_availability_subscriptiondatabase table.

Install the Availability Notification feature Manage availability notifications
Install the Availability Notification Glue API Retrieve subscriptions to availability notifications