Create reclamations

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To create order reclamations in the Back Office, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Sales > Orders.
  2. On the Orders page, next to the order you want to create a reclamation for, click Claim.
  3. On the Create reclamation page, select one or more products you want to create a reclamation for.
  4. Click Create Reclamation. The View reclamation page opens with the success message displayed. To learn what you can do on this page, see Managing returns.

Tips and tricks Claiming an order does not change the state of the items in the order. When a reclamation is created, a sales team member processes the order manually.

Reference information: Creating reclamations

Product Contains information about the product: the product image, name, SKU, color. Click the product name to view full product information.
Unit Price (GROSS_MODE) Item price without taxes.
Item Total Total amount paid for the item.
State Order state of the item. Click the state to show the state machine workflow.