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Take control of your shipment

PAQATO is an intelligent solution for customer communication and shipping analysis. With the services of the Münster-based company, mail order companies retain control of the entire customer journey until the goods are delivered in full. By monitoring all shipments in real time, retailers can proactively inform their customers and offer immediate solutions should there be a delay in delivery. In this way, mail order companies offer their customers a unique, well-rounded shopping experience. The communication around the entire purchase takes place exclusively over the channels and with the tonality of the retailer. This has been proven to strengthen the retailer brand, increase customer loyalty through up to 60 percent more consumer touch points and increase customer satisfaction. Proactive communication with customers also reduces customer service workload. Retailers can thus save costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.


  • Customer satisfaction and cost reduction through real-time packet monitoring and early identification of shipping problems
  • Numerous customer touch points through automated and proactive customer communication in the look & feel of online retailers
  • High potential for cross-selling through Track & Trace in the retailer’s online shop

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