Composite entity

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There are some Domain Entities represented by multiple tables in the database. To make the feature usable, the CompositeEntity concept was introduced: Composite entities consist of one Main Entity and one or more SubEntities. Access is granted implicitly. An AclEntityRule for the Main Entity grants access to all its Sub Entities. Sub Entities cannot be used as standalone entities in an AclEntityRule or Segment.

Composite entity examples:

  • ProductAbstract
    • ProductAbstract + ProductConcrete + ProductPrice + ProductImage + ProductOptions
  • Merchant
    • Merchant + MerchantProfile + MerchantUser + MerchantStore
  • Order
    • Order + OrderItems + OrderTotals

Composite entity

If a user requests a sub entity, the main entity will be joined, and the rules for the main entity will apply.


fk_acl_entity_segment fk_acl_role entity permission_mask scope
18 15 \Orm\Zed\Merchant\Persistence\SpyMerchant 1 1


id_acl_entity_segment name reference
18 Merchant Video King merchant-video-king

Query before the Persistence ACL:

SELECT * FROM `spy_merchant_profile`;

Query after the Persistence ACL:

SELECT `spy_merchant_profile`.* 
FROM `spy_merchant_profile`
  INNER JOIN `spy_merchant` ON (`spy_merchant_profile`.`fk_merchant` = `spy_merchant`.`id_merchant`)
  INNER JOIN `spy_acl_entity_segment_merchant`
    ON (`spy_merchant`.`id_merchant` = `spy_acl_entity_segment_merchant`.`fk_merchant` 
      AND `spy_acl_entity_segment_merchant`.`fk_acl_entity_segment` IN (18)); 

Although the composite entity has similar functionality to the internalized scope, there are some differences.

Inherited scope vs Composite entity

Access granted through Rule Configuration
Permission mask is defined by Rule Inherit from Composite root
Assigned to User (through the role) Common for all users
Inherit permissions from the composite object No Yes
Require additional relation condition At least Read permission rule for the parent No