Upgrade the CmsBlockWidget module

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Upgrading from version 1.* to version 2.*

CmsBlockStorage version 2.0.0 introduces the following backward incompatible changes:

  • Introduced the spy_cms_block_storage.cms_block_key field to store the cms_block identifier.
  • Introduced the mappings parameter to synchronization behavior to support the ability to get data by block names.
  • Increased the minimum spryker/cms-block version in composer.json. See Migration Guide - CMS Block for more details.
  • Removed CmsBlockStorageClient::findBlockNamesByOptions().
  • Removed CmsBlockStorageClientInterface::generateBlockNameKey().
  • Added return type as an array to CmsBlockStorageClientInterface::findBlocksByNames().

Estimated migration time: 1h

  1. Upgrade to the new module version:

    1. Upgrade the CmsBlockStorage module to version 2.0.0:
    composer require spryker/cms-block-storage:"^2.0.0" --update-with-dependencies
  2. Clear storage:

    1. Truncate the spy_cms_block_storage database table:
    TRUNCATE TABLE spy_cms_block_storage
    1. Remove all keys from Redis:
    redis-cli --scan --pattern kv:cms_block:'*' | xargs redis-cli unlink
  3. Update the database schema and generate classes:

    1. Run the database migration:
    console propel:install
    1. Generate transfer objects:
    console transfer:generate
  4. Populate storage with the new version:

    1. Get all the data about CMS blocks from database and publish it into Redis:
    console event:trigger -r cms_block
    1. Verify that the spy_cms_block_storage.key column uses keys instead of IDs. For example, cms_block:en_us:blck-1, where blck-1 is the CMS block key.

    2. Verify that all the method overrides in \Pyz\Zed\CmsBlockStorage\CmsBlockStorageDependencyProvider match the signature provided in the package:

    protected function getContentWidgetDataExpanderPlugins(): array
  5. Enable CMS Block Key support for categories and products (optional):

    1. Install CMS block key support for CmsBlockCategoryStorage and CmsBlockProductStorage modules:
    composer require spryker/cms-block-category-storage:"^1.4.0" spryker/cms-block-product-storage:"^1.4.0" --update-with-dependencies
    1. Add plugins in src/Pyz/Client/CmsBlockStorage/CmsBlockStorageDependencyProvider.php:
    namespace Pyz\Client\CmsBlockStorage;
    use Spryker\Client\CmsBlockCategoryStorage\Plugin\CmsBlockStorage\CmsBlockCategoryCmsBlockStorageReaderPlugin;
    use Spryker\Client\CmsBlockProductStorage\Plugin\CmsBlockStorage\CmsBlockProductCmsBlockStorageReaderPlugin;
    use Spryker\Client\CmsBlockStorage\CmsBlockStorageDependencyProvider as SprykerCmsBlockStorageDependencyProvider;
    class CmsBlockStorageDependencyProvider extends SprykerCmsBlockStorageDependencyProvider
         * @return \Spryker\Client\CmsBlockStorageExtension\Dependency\Plugin\CmsBlockStorageReaderPluginInterface[]
        protected function getCmsBlockStorageReaderPlugins(): array
            return [
                new CmsBlockCategoryCmsBlockStorageReaderPlugin(),
                new CmsBlockProductCmsBlockStorageReaderPlugin(),
    1. Trigger sync events:
    console event:trigger -r cms_block_category
    console event:trigger -r cms_block_product