Upgrade the QuoteRequestPage module

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Upgrading from version 2.x.x to version 3.x.x

In this new version of the QuoteRequestPage module, we have added support of shipment costs. You can find more details about the changes on the QuoteRequestPage module release page. The major changes are:

  • Added new dependency for spryker/shipment:^8.4.0.
  • Added new dependency for spryker/step-engine:^3.3.0.
  • Removed several twig files.

Estimated migration time: ~2h

To migrate, do the following:

  1. Update the QuoteRequestPage module:
composer require spryker-shop/quote-request-page: "^3.0.0" --update-with-dependencies
  1. Regenerate transfer objects:
console transfer:generate
  1. Some files were re-organized, please check if you had overwritten them on project level:

    • Renamed quote-request-cart-summary into quote-request-summary.
    • Renamed quote-request-discount-summary into quote-request-summary-discount.
    • Adjusted page-layout-quote-request to extend page-layout-main template instead of page-layout-customer.
    • Introduced a new quoteRequestReference data property to quote-request-edit view.
    • Adjusted quote-request-view view to extend page-layout-customer template instead of page-layout-quote-request.
    • Removed quote-request-cart-item molecule.

Upgrading from version 1.x.x to version 2.x.x

The only major change of the QuoteRequestPage 2.x.x is the dependency update for spryker/quote-request:^2.0.0.

Also, transfer property QuoteRequestTransfer::isLatestVersionHidden was replaced by QuoteRequestTransfer:isLatestVersionVisible.

Estimated migration time: ~1h

To migrate do the following:

  1. Update spryker/quote-request to version ^2.0.0 by following the steps from Upgrade the QuoteRequest module.
  2. Update spryker-shop/quote-request-page:^2.0.0
composer require spryker-shop/quote-request-page: "^2.0.0" --update-with-dependencies
  1. Generate transfers:
vendor/bin/console transfer:generate