Products data import

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To learn how data import works and about different ways of importing data, see Data import. This section describes the data import files that are used to import data related to products:

  • product_attribute_key.csv: allows you to define whether specific attributes should be considered super attributes.
  • product_management_attribute.csv: allows you to define additional product attributes, including type of attribute (text or number), as well as set custom and multiple values.
  • product_abstract.csv: includes the information needed for setting up abstract products and encompasses a wide range of information such as names, categories, attributes, descriptions, keywords, tax rates, etc.
  • product_abstract_store.csv: in the case of multi-store setups, allows you to define in which stores you wish to sell those abstract products.
  • product_concrete.csv: allows you to import concrete product information, including their descriptions, attributes’ values, searchability, relations to abstract products, and more information.
  • product_image.csv: allows you to import the images of the concrete products, local ones, as well as the ones via URLs.

The table below provides details on Products data importers, their purpose, CSV files, dependencies, and other details. Each data importer contains links to CSV files used to import the corresponding data, including specifications of mandatory and unique fields, dependencies, detailed explanations, recommendations, templates, and content examples.

Product Attribute Key Imports information relative to product attribute super attribute identification. data:import:product-attribute-key product_attribute_key.csv None
Product Management Attribute Imports information to configure settings of additional product attributes. data:import:product-management-attribute product_management_attribute.csv product_attribute_key.csv
Product Abstract Imports information about the abstract products. data:import:product-abstract product_abstract.csv category.csv
Product Abstract Store Imports information that links the abstract products with the available stores of the shop. data:import:product-abstract-store product_abstract_store.csv
Product Concrete Imports information about the concrete products.
Every concrete product is linked to an abstract product.
data:import:product-concrete product_concrete.csv product_abstract.csv
Product Image Imports information about product images. data:import:product-image product_image.csv (Each image needs to be assigned to an SKU from either one of these files).